Distinguish your value.

Personal Branding helps you get clarity on your unique promise of value, and develop the most effective ways to communicate your value to your target audiences. It is the best way to proclaim you.

You may be asking:


“Who are we individually, and collectively?

“How does our team/group stand out from the competition?”


“I need to get visibility with the right people and with the right message.”

“I’m supposed to be on LinkedIn, can you help?”

“I know resumes are outdated – so how do I define myself?”

“How can I stand out from peers?” 

I offer Personal Branding via workshops and 1:1 Personal Brand coaching based on Reach Personal Branding. There are three phases to the Personal Branding process:

> Extract: get clear on your values, passions, purpose and vision
> Express: define the best way to express you to your target audiences
> Exude: ensure everything around you supports and declares your brand

Contact me at info@visions-in-action.com to determine the Personal Branding package that works best for you or your team.

Personal Branding offers you Clarity, Direction, and Purpose