Executive Coaching—For C-Level, VPs, Sr. Directors & Business Owners

Vision. Clarity. Action.

Leaders need a place and a committed listener to help get clear on direction, action and purpose and the why behind each. Executive Coaching is the place and space for just that.

One-to-One coaching with Jean, a Master Certified Executive Coach, helps leaders with clarity, purpose and direction. Three-month, six-month and one-year programs begin with an all-day session to explore business/operations/people/life. Then we review available assessments and surveys, identifying any new tools/input that would be useful. And we complete the day with clarity on focus areas, milestones and outcomes.

Coaching supports the development, momentum and action between all-day sessions.

If you are a leader thinking the following, you will benefit from Executive Coaching:

“I need a place to think about business, life, my organization and direction—out loud.”

“Help me see what I can’t see.”

“Where do I want be in three to five years?”

“What patterns are serving my organization and blocking it?”

“How can I raise my bar and utilize my strengths, better?”

Jean uses industry leading resources to complement your Executive Coaching package.
Packages are available in three-month, six-month and one-year engagements.

Contact me at  to determine the Executive Coaching package that works best for you.