It’s all about connection.

When you bring your team together, at minimum you want to achieve a new level of connection. Visions in Action offers Insights Discovery, CliftonStrengths and custom workshops to increase engagement and effectiveness.

Insights Discovery workshop

“All self-improvement starts with self-awareness”.

Based on the science of Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, the Insights Discovery foundational workshop is fun and engaging, loaded with interactive exercises for individuals, sub-teams and intact teams. It provides a custom profile with a broad foundational understanding to help individuals and the teams be more effective immediately. There are four key areas focused on:

  1. Understanding Self
  2. Understanding Others
  3. Learning Strategies to Adapt & Connect
  4. Team Specific Work

This workshop available in:

  • Half-day, full-day and virtual sessions

CliftonStrengths Discovery workshop

(formerly known as StrengthsFinder)

Developing talents into strengths is the aim of this session. Talent is the bedrock for performance. Understanding and utilizing a team’s talent ultimately increases effectiveness and trust.

Gallup’s CliftonStrengths is the world’s leading assessment in identifying areas of natural talent. We would love to show you how to use this remarkable tool to develop competencies, drive engagement & improve EQ.

  • 6X higher Individual Engagement if people use their strengths every day*
  • 12.5% greater productivity in teams that focus on talents every day*
  • 67% higher engagement in teams where managers focus on strengths*
*Gallup Research

This workshop includes:

  • Half-day interactive team workshop
  • Discovery of “Top 5” talents for each team member (participants complete CliftonStrengths® assessment)
  • Introduction to the first four CliftonStrengths® developmental milestones: Understanding, Awareness, Appreciation, and Focus & Investment
  • In-depth conversations on how to work as a team to get the most out of each other’s strengths

Custom team workshops

Teams navigate a variety of changes, strategies, goals, and dynamics. I work with the team leader to understand the present state of the team and clarify the outcomes. Then, I produce a custom workshop outline to support moving towards or achieving the outcomes.

I am known for my expertise designing and facilitating workshops for groups of 4 to 400. 

Working with you to design and facilitate an experience where everyone learns, and everyone is heard, is our goal.

Contact me at
so that I can help you determine the experience that will work best for your team.