Personal Branding

What makes you unique?

Personal Branding helps you get clear on your unique promise of value and develop the most effective ways to communicate your value to your target audiences. It is the best way to proclaim you.

You may be thinking or asking:

“How do I stand out from another who shares the same role that I do?”

“People keep checking out my LinkedIn – how do I make it interesting?”

“I just keep getting offered the next job, yet, I am not clear on where I want to go.”

“How do I upgrade my digital first impression?”

“What is a Personal Brand? Do I have one or need one?”

Personal Branding offerings:

Personal Branding 101 to LinkedIn

A 90-minute keynote/mini-session, often done in a Lunch and Learn setting. Attendees will learn the “Why, What and How of establishing a Personal Brand”, plus tips and in-workshop exercises on how to write an effective LinkedIn summary and profile page.

Personal Branding 1:1 Coaching

A coaching experience where you get clear on your vision, values, strengths, passion and purpose—core clarity necessary for authentic leadership and a fulfilling life.

Five hours of coaching, assessments and tools leveraged: Core values clarification, CliftonStrengths, Visioning

Personal Branding offers you Clarity, Direction, and Purpose.

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